Are you giving your Kids CANCER?

Sugary drinks and soda cause an increased rate of cancer, cancer recurrence and survival from cancer, another study proves!

In June, a new study out of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute found that patients consuming two or more 12 oz servings of sugar-sweetened beverages per day had a 67% increased risk of cancer recurrence or death, compared with those consuming less than 2 servings per month.

This doesn’t mean just soda, it means ANY sugary drink- fruit juices, juice boxes, etc. You think your giving your child something healthy, instead the study shows your giving them a 67% increase of cancer!

What’s really sad is watching a child or anyone with cancer eating cake, donuts and sugary drinks, KNOWING its only feeding the cancer! (I won’t go over grains etc. that raise insulin levels) Its sad that most oncologists tell their patients- “it doesn’t matter what you eat” and the hospital feeds them sugar after sugar and non nutritious food! 

The first step in reversing cancer is:

Stop Making the Cancer– one of the ways is to starve the cancer by keeping glucose levels low and eating and juicing anti-angiogenic foods (this slows down or stops the formation of blood vessels that feed the cancer and allow it to spread)


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