Kid’s Corner: Kids and Chiropractic

Comparative studies of children raised under chiropractic wellness care vs. those raised under traditional allopathic care showed that chiropractic children were less prone to infections such as otitis media (inner ear infections) and tonsillitis, and that their immune systems were better able to cope with allergens than the medically raised children. The children raised under the chiropractic wellness model used fewer antibiotics and pharmaceuticals overall. They also recovered far faster from ear infections, allergies, colds, bouts of pneumonia, flu viruses, and injuries.

We are passionate about keeping children and babies healthy at 22 Health. It is our mission to make sure the families of our communities receive all the knowledge and resources necessary to live a life of health and vitality. Given that 65 percent of all neurological development occurs in the first year of life, having your baby checked early is of utmost importance.

The nervous system is the system that interprets the environment. A child who does not properly receive information from the environment because of subluxation will have a distorted reality and diminished ability to express health. As a result of subluxation induced neurological disruption, these children will grow up being less than they could be. 


  1. It stimulates formation of new, healthy brain cells.
  2. It improves mental performance.
  3. It enhances cognitive and memory performance.
  4. It improves blood flow to the brain.
  5. It improves attentional capacity, concentration, learning ability, and performance.
  6. It enhances creative thinking, verbal skills, and decision-making.
  7. It enhances growth hormone production.
  8. It improves logical reasoning, recall, visual recognition, and speed of reaction.
  9. It improves mood, alleviates depression, and improves quality of sleep.

In summary, keep your children active. Television, video games, and all other entertainment technology is hurting the next generation of kids. Remember the days of playing in the sprinkler or a real game of baseball or soccer? Those days can return and help you keep your kids healthy, strong, and mentally alert. It will help them in school and in socializing. It’s a win-win situation! Last but not least, get your kids adjusted.  Your kids will thank you.

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