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We live in a time of great political debate, opinions as heavy as our overweight bodies and tensions as high as our blood pressure. Health care costs are under scrutiny, with some solutions and much disagreement. One thing we can all agree on is that medical costs are too high. It’s not limited to good medical care either – all medical care is expensive, and it’s getting worse.

While we may not be able to change the way the government operates and we may not all agree on how it should change, we do have some control over our personal expenses. One way to alleviate medical costs is through chiropractic care. To be blunt: 22 Health chiropractic care can save you money.

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A Proper Focus on Preventative Care

Every election cycle, the same empty promises flow from the mouths of hopeful runners, and chief among them is the claim to increase preventative health care in order to save money. On the surface, this sounds like a no-brainer that everyone should vote for but the truth is more complex.

Unfortunately, preventative care as the medical community currently defines it, probably won’t save much money at all. (1) That’s because many true preventative practices, like chiropractic care, are still considered alternative.

Overhauling the country’s view of healthcare and what it means to be healthy is a daunting task, but overhauling your personal approach to your own health is exciting, effective, and easy when you have The 3 Essentials of 22 Health!

22 Health doctors spend more time with their patients, and look at the whole picture of health rather than groups of symptoms to be treated. A survey of chiropractors in the United Kingdom, where chiropractors are often considered primary care providers, indicated that visits included spinal adjustments and nutritional education, wellness advice, and other lifestyle factors. (2) Sounds just like your 22 Health doctor, doesn’t it?

This is a much different kind of preventative care than most Western medicine requires. Some testing and early-detection methods are no doubt critical, but that only prevents a previously-unknown condition from advancing. 22 Health chiropractic care is marked by education, support, and a healthy spine and is truly preventative––promoting wellness as a continual state, before illness has a chance to settle in.

Spend Money to Save Money

You’ve probably heard this phrase before and cringed. It’s difficult to shift priorities so that your money is spent proactively. In the case of medical care and preventative health, a penny saved earns very little if you wind up with chronic illness or a major disease.

Attempting to save money by avoiding chiropractic care is an example of the catch 22 we find ourselves in. If we don’t pay for the chiropractic care, we will have more money available when we do get sick. On the other hand, if we do spend money on the care, we may not get sick at all.

If 22 Health care can help us stay well and overcome some of our health issues efficiently, then it is a cost-effective approach to healthcare and a reliable way to save money.

The Cost-Effective Chiropractic Approach

Looking again to the United Kingdom, the US can take a lesson for chiropractic care and healthcare costs.

In 1993, a comprehensive review weighed United Kingdom consumers’ medical visit expenses, taking chiropractic care into account and determining the level of cost-effectiveness as best as they could. Of over 395,000 patients evaluated, close to 25% had utilized chiropractic care over two years’ time. These patients saved an average of $1,000 in that time, which was weighed against their demographics and noted as a significant savings. (3)

Of course, this means little connected directly to American healthcare, considering substantial differences in insurance and healthcare methods. What it does tell us, however, is that chiropractic care is efficient – the individuals were presumed to have saved money thanks to less time in the hospital. Efficient, big-picture healthcare is also cost-efficient.

22 Health chiropractic care is attentive to real prevention of illness and whole body health. It’s likely to keep you out of the hospital and feeling better, cutting back on costly, unnecessary treatments and interventions. Complete wellness is never a guarantee we put our money on comprehensive prevention every day.

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