Suffering from Arthritis?

46 million adults have been diagnosed with arthritis, a painful swelling of the joints that can practically cripple those suffering from the disease. It is a very common disability among Americans and has caused many individuals the inability to lead a normal life. There are more than 100 types of arthritis, all with varying symptoms that range in severity for each individual based on age, gender, obesity and choice of profession. The most common types include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout, each painful in their own way. Children are not spared from arthritis. Hundreds of thousands of children each year are diagnosed with arthritis often attributed with the increase in obesity rates.

The affects of arthritis pain penetrate every aspect of life. Whether opening toothpaste, playing with our children, typing at work or swinging the golf club when one suffers from arthritis, everyday life becomes a chore. Productivity at home and work decrease adding unwanted stress into our personal and professional lives. The emotional effects can be devastating as pain restricts our ability to truly enjoy life.

Common Symptoms and Causes

Symptoms of joint inflammation include pain, swelling, tenderness, stiffness, warmth, and redness. Most arthritis occurs where two joints come together and the area becomes inflamed causing stiffness, pain and problems with movement. Though arthritis is most noticeable when it affects the fingers and toes, no joint is immune to arthritic changes. Arthritic changes in the spine are common and often go undetected until it has been present for years and even decades. As with most degenerative disorders, the earlier the detection, the better the outcome of intervention.


Diagnosis includes a medical history evaluation, symptom review, physical examination, and some type of x-ray or MRI. Conventional medical treatment focuses on pain management and alteration of activities of daily living. The medical approach focuses on drug therapies that have now been linked the cancer, liver failure and kidney failure. Other types of treatments include exercises and invasive surgery procedures. This approach rarely leads to resolution or remission leading to a lifetime of pain and suffering.

Our Chiropractic Treatment

The 22 Health approach does not cover up the symptoms associated with arthritis, but actually finds and treats damaged areas for complete healing that lasts a lifetime. Most often this includes a x-rays of your spine to check for spinal subluxation and diminished nerve supply. If nerve supply is diminished at all it must be restored so the body can heal at 100%. Along with proper chiropractic adjustments, a program of rehabilitation is prescribed to maximize soft tissue healing. Other aspects include 22 Health Workshops to teach you how to fuel your body and move your body back towards health during your recovery. Since being overweight and /or obese is a common factor in arthritic changes, 22 Health Workshops minimize the chance of an exacerbation and recurrence thus allowing you to obtain great health.

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