Why is Chiropractic the Right Choice after an Auto Accident?

When we experience a trauma like a motor vehicle accident our bodies goes on what we call a “shock state”. A “shock state” is when your body goes through an unexpected trauma that causes injury to the body. After an accident, the body tries to protect itself by causing lot of inflammation and swelling all around the body, it’s just the natural way of the body protecting itself and letting know that it went through some trauma.

Sometimes we might not fill it in the beginning, but it usually happens a couple of days after the accident took place. In addition, sometimes we think that it must be a high speed and car rolling type of accident for this type of injuries to take place, but that is very far from the truth. It only takes an impact of approximately 5 mph to cause biomechanical changes in your body and cause injuries.

To take control of this type of situations and avoid long term problems or permanent damage to your body after an accident; seeing a chiropractor is a really good choice of treatment after a car accident. The reason why is because chiropractic is trained to treat right after a car accident with the following:

  • Injuries are not always obvious, we will be able to properly access for injuries caused by the accident.

  • Reduces inflammation, provide the proper chiropractic and physical therapy treatment that will help reduce your symptoms to a minimum.

  • Non-invasive treatment, we try to avoid drugs, shots, and surgeries from been part of the treatment if treated with time and properly.

  • Reduces scar tissue, the longer you wait, the more the body’s inflammation takes over the body instead of letting it heal properly.

  • Reduces pain throughout the entire body, not only pain relief of the spine, but your arms, legs, knees, shoulders, etc.

  • Avoid long-term pain, if not treated properly and on time, our bodies create what we call scar tissue and we want to avoid that.

  • Restores range of motion, physical therapy and chiropractic adjustment have been scientifically proven to increase range of motion.   

For more on auto accident chiropractic care, visit 22 Health at our office in Altamonte Springs, Florida. Call (407) 951-8921 to book an appointment today.

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