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“When I went to see Dr. Georgia, I was filled with anxiety towards driving. Having been in a recent accident and also witnessing several accidents before that, I knew that I needed help.

Dr. Georgia is patient and kind. She is non-judgmental in her support and I felt that she genuinely cared about my healing and success.

She listened as I explained my experiences and gently led me through the process where I was able to bring those experiences into the past and leave them there. With Dr. Georgia's help driving anxiety does not control me.”​​​​​​​

D. James

For the last 7 or 8 days, is the best I have felt in more than 2 yrs. And for that, I have to tell you. I love you! I hope I don't jinx myself. I am on cloud 9. I was coming to the point to where I didn't think that I would ever feel like this again. I mean I'm not 100% but I am much better. I suppose that it's the supplements. I'm doing OK on my diet of course it takes a little while. I've dropped a few pounds and my plans are to certainly drop a bunch more. I just wanted to drop you a line though and let you know that I am feeling so much better and thank you.

Thanks again and have a great evening. And God bless you dear.”​​​​​​​

Mark Cleveland

“22 Health has been a life saver! After 2 ½ years of trying to be "healed" be rehab, massage therapy and more doctors scratching their heads than I care to mention. I found relief after my first adjustment because all along my hips were out of alignment.

I love Dr. Nik! He listens, teaches and is very nice and patient.

Thank you to the staff of 22 Health helping me. I recommend you to all of my friends as they've seen my progress. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”​​​​​​​

Sharon Miller

“Ever since my accident, Dr. Niklas has taken great care of my injuries. The entire staff is very friendly and they make the experience easy and fun. After every appointment, I feel a little better. They take good care of you. Amazing!”​​​​​​​

Courtney Dubray

“Hello my name is Elaine Lamar. I am currently under Chiropractic care at 22 Health with Dr. Faust. When Dr. Faust recommended me to see Dr. Georgia Brown for the issue I was having after my car accident, I was a little reluctant when she said hypnosis, but I can honestly say that it was the best thing I could have done. She was able to help me with the fear of driving and the tenseness I was experiencing after the accident. I truly believe in her work. I felt at ease and very relaxed through the process. I would recommend her to anyone dealing with any personal issues. Thank you Dr. Brown, you have truly made a difference in my life.”​​​​​​​

Elaine L.

“22 Health is the Best! I was injured in a car accident back in June 2013. I was t-boned by a drunk driver and was rushed to the hospital because I was knocked out after hitting my head against the window. I spent over 6 hours in the emergency room getting x-rays and other tests done to see what was wrong. Thankfully I didn't any bones! I a was later sent home with pain meds, muscle relaxers and instructed to rest. Throughout the next few weeks I had intense headaches, blurry vision, my entire body ached and I could barely sleep. I knew something was seriously wrong, but my primary doctor told me that time will heal me. I spent another two weeks just resting, but the pain was just unbearable. One of my co workers told me about 22 Health and how they helped her in a car accident so I reluctantly called them to schedule an appointment (I figured i couldn't get any worse). I was also very skeptical about chiropractors and how they "cracked" peoples necks. Well today I can say am a true believer in chiropractic. After the first visit, I started feeling better. My muscles felt more relaxed, I didn't have headache, and my back pain was less. They really explained what was going on and what was causing the pain..SUBLUXATION!!! Within the next few weeks the headaches were gone! I think I feel better than I did prior to getting into the car accident. I am so thankful to have met these amazing doctors. I highly recommend them to anyone who is suffering any type of pain. They really know the body and how to fix your problem. THANK YOU SO MUCH!”​​​​​​​

Joey S.

“I came in because of terrible lower back pain. I had sciatic pain. When I sneezed, I was brought to my knees it hurt so much. Everything has changed since starting at 22 Health. My pain is minimal, if even there. I can pick up my child again. I have no problems sneezing, coughing, or sitting for a long time. Everything used to be uncomfortable, but it’s not anymore.”​​​​​​​

Ashley A.

“Prior to chiropractic care I had bad digestion, insomnia, and pain in my shoulder and lower back. I also had severe headaches and sinus problems. I never thought chiropractic care was for me, not in a thousand years. I thought chiropractors were for the badly broken and damaged. Chiropractic care has been a blessing to me. I now know it’s for those who need to be healthy. Since being under chiropractic care my health has improved a lot. I am having less digestion problems, my insomnia has totally gone away, and my back pain has decreased. Now I can go days without feeling hopeless and sick. I would tell my family and friends that chiropractic care can make a difference in their lives and that they should give it a try. I am trying to convince all those who will listen about the benefits of chiropractic care by the number one team at 22 Health.”​​​​​​​

Danial B.

“Before receiving chiropractic care, I had difficulty sleeping more than two hours due to hip pain and the need to use the bathroom frequently. Before coming to the office, I thought it was for people with severe back problems and I thought it was not covered by health insurance. Since beginning chiropractic care, I am now sleeping up to six hours a night! No more hip pain and no more necessity to use the bathroom at night, it has greatly diminished! I am more limber and feel ten years younger! I also have much more range of motion in my neck. I will tell my family and friends how chiropractic care has definitely helped me and could probably help them. I did not think I had any problems a chiropractor could help me with, but I am definitely sleeping better, feeling better and younger!”​​​​​​​

Mary W.

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