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Our mission is simple – to improve quality of life through routine and affordable chiropractic care. That’s why 22 Health offers a network of modern chiropractic clinics with a new approach to providing exceptional healthcare. At 22 Health, we strive to maintain quality care of the highest professional standards, and we make it easy for our doctors to focus on your needs- which are, and always will be, our first priority.

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Have you recently been injured in an auto accident?

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4 Essentials

The 4 Essentials work together to enable your body to function as efficiently as possible so you can get into prime physical condition and disarm disease before it begins to develop.


The right type of exercise program can strategically create muscle mass, fat loss, and metabolic changes to stabilize and even reverse most degenerative diseases.


Quality nutrients are not only important, but vital to our overall health. We make navigating through the nutritional maze of healthy eating manageable and easy.


Science has proven the superiority of the nervous system in controlling and coordinating all function and healing inside of the human body.


Education is the foundation of 22 Health’s 4 Essentials. 22 Health equips you with the understanding of how the body works, how it gets sick and how it heals naturally.

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