Staying Safe During and After Hurricane Matthew

Despite all of the time and effort you may have put into securing your home and preparing for Hurricane Matthew, it is important to remain vigilant during and after the hurricane. Even as the storm begins to pass there are many potential dangers inside and outside your home. Some tips to keep you and your family and pets safe include:

Food and Water

  • If you lose power,

A Letter from a Patient

Dear 22 Health,

I wanted to reach out to thank you and your team.

My brother has been working for the Trial Professionals for a very long time and although I never hoped to need their help, I always knew I could count on their services. I also knew my brother would take care of me and how well their team functions.

Do Chiropractors Really Cure?

The biggest misunderstanding about chiropractic is that chiropractors claim to cure disease. Responsible chiropractors do not claim to “cure” anything. The medical profession tries to cure disease by using drugs and surgery. By contrast, chiropractic maximizes the natural strength of the human body and its capacity to heal without using dangerous drugs or surgery.

People go to chiropractors with heart disease,