Pre & Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Pre & Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy is a non-surgical treatment, which can be very successful for many conditions and therefore is often prescribed before and after surgery. The goal of this physiotherapy is to speed your recovery and, improve your overall function by increasing your range of motion and by strengthening your muscles.

At 22 Health, we treat patients before and after a wide variety of surgeries, such as total hip and total knee replacements, lumbar and cervical disc surgeries, and numerous arthroscopic procedures for the knee, shoulder, hip and ankle.

The purpose of pre- & post- operative rehabilitation is to provide a rapid recovery utilizing the best possible exercise programs both before and after surgery. The chiropractic assistant maintains close communication with the physician in order to fully understand what the patient is undergoing and to prepare an individual treatment plan.

Pre-Operative Consultation

The pre-operative visit accomplishes many things. Patients are able to meet the physician who will plan their post-operative care and ask questions about their upcoming rehabilitation. This can also be an opportunity for the patient to familiarize themselves with any walking aides they may need post operatively, such as crutches, walker or cane. The doctor will explain and demonstrate post operative exercises, and give guidance as to when they should be started.

Research data strongly suggests that patients have much greater success post operatively if they have had instruction in exercise and other self care procedures prior to their orthopedic surgery. Careful performance of exercise, very soon after surgery, ensures that the surgical area remains mobile and its strength returns quickly as healing progresses. As a result, we’re able to get patients back to living sooner, with less chance of injury.

Our physicians perform pre operative evaluations of the patient to determine their physical capabilities and plan the best possible program. Patients are evaluated for:

  • Muscle and joint strength
  • Ambulation abilities
  • Independence within the home, including stair climb and descent and transfer in and out of bed.

Post-Operative Care

If you are going to take the time to get a surgical procedure done it only makes sense to choose wisely regarding your rehabilitation. Most good physicians will tell you what level of function you will get back to following a surgery. They are able to do amazing things these days but how well you are after the surgery is less about the surgery and more about what is done during the recovery.

Post-operative care begins as soon as the patient returns home. Thanks to the benefits of the pre-operative visit, the patient can begin working on the preliminary steps to his/her recovery, as soon as their doctor allows.  In some post operative cases, there is a time period of immobilization for the affected area.

22 Health’s treating staff will coordinate the home program according to the surgeon’s post operative instructions. Some examples of post-operative exercises are:

  • Range of motion exercise to keep joints and muscles mobile
  • Isometric strengthening exercise, (muscle contraction without movement).
  • Transfer training; in/out of bed and onto different types of chairs
  • Walking, gait training (with assistive devices like walkers, crutches, or cane if needed, on level surfaces and stairs).

The physician works closely with you to create a personalized therapy and exercise program that will help you recover quickly using techniques and equipment to decrease pain and accelerate healing. They focus on your goals, helping you to achieve the highest level of function with the best possible outcome.

Each patient is provided with a plan specific to his or her needs in order to recover fully. This treatment may include: manual “hands on” therapy, joint mobilization, stretching and other therapeutic exercises, as well as patient education on posture and body mechanics and therapeutic exercises.

22 Health physicians has over 25 years experience creating effective, personalized pre & post surgical therapy programs to provide you the care you need to get your health back.

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