Shoulder Pain

Suffering from Shoulder Pain?

Shoulder pain is a common complaint affecting nearly every American at some time in their life. Though common, shoulder pain is not normal and can be treated with proper chiropractic care. Those that suffer from chronic shoulder pain understand its devastating effects.  Acute and/or chronic shoulder pain not only affects us physically, but every aspect of our life.  Irritability which often accompanies shoulder pain can influence our relationships with our spouse, children and friends. Productivity at home and work can be affected as well, disturbing our income and possible advancement in our careers.  Household duties such as laundry, playing with our kids, cooking, cleaning, and yard maintenance can become a nuisance.  Prolonged suffering also has an effect on us emotionally, often times leading to self-esteem issues and depression.

Common Causes and Symptoms of Shoulder Pain

Common causes of shoulder pain is inflammation of the tendon (what attaches the muscles to the bone), inflammation of the bursa (a fluid filled sac that cushions tendons) and inflammation of the shoulder joint capsule. Common activities that cause shoulder pain are, but are not limited to, painting, lifting or playing a sport, or repetitive motions such as house work or routine activities like washing dishes.  Other causes of shoulder pain include slouching while sitting, sleeping in the wrong position, doing things that involve reaching up for long periods of time, such as stacking shelves or a traumatic injury like a car accident. Shoulder pain symptoms include (but are not limited to) deep joint pain, muscle soreness around the shoulder, spasms, stiffness, severe pain and knots and can change how you go about your daily activities. Other symptoms associated with shoulder pain are numbness, tingling and shooting pains down your arms and into the hand.

Shoulder Pain Treatment

Common treatments of shoulder pain are physical therapy, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and surgery. Physical therapy often provides temporary relief, but if activities of daily living are not addressed, shoulder pain returns.  The most common medical treatments are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (aspirin, naproxen, and ibuprofen). This treatment method will temporarily alleviate symptoms, but often does not address the underlying cause of pain. Additionally the medical research showing us that chronic use of these can cause cancer, kidney or liver damage.  Shoulder surgery should be a last resort as surgical intervention permanently alters normal biomechanics and buildup of scar tissue with time can lead to further complications later in life.  Drug therapy and invasive surgical intervention should be the last option for neck pain sufferers due to the many possible complications.  Only after a program of conservative chiropractic care should alternatives be explored.

Our Chiropractic Treatment for Shoulder Pain

The 22 Health approach does not cover up the symptoms associated with neck pain, but actually finds and treats the cause of the problem.  Most often this includes x-rays of your spine to check for spinal subluxation and diminished nerve supply.  If nerve supply is diminished at all it must be restored so the body can heal at 100%.  Other aspects include 22 Health Workshops to teach you how to fuel your body and move your body back towards health during your recovery.  22 Health Workshops minimize the chance of an exacerbation and recurrence of shoulder pain allowing you to obtain great health.

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