Our Clinics

The Healthcare Center of the Future

Your local 22 Health clinic is ready to help you unlock health and performance you never thought possible, all through the proven power of the 4 Essentials. All of our clinics provide industry-leading chiropractic expertise and an integrated lifestyle design system that leverages the body’s own innate capabilities.

22 Health doctors are the best in the business, backed by an organization driven by a vision of transforming how we understand and manage our health. 22 Health clinics give patients:

  • Chiropractors trained by industry leaders on the latest in chiropractic care and wellness
  • Dedicated clinic teams committed to bringing the power of the 4 Essentials to your life
  • Assessments that help you understand your current needs and drive customized program planning moving forward
  • A library of learning resources and programs to help anybody, in any condition, to find meaningful change with our programs

The Future of Healthcare, Today

The 22 Health clinic provides something different from a traditional medical clinic. It is a place focused on finding the root causes of poor health and addressing them—before sickness sets in or symptoms even show—by unlocking and unblocking the body’s own superpowers.

22 Health doctors host a variety of health workshops and events every year. These events link you to a local community of patients and providers committed to celebrating a natural, preventative approach to healthcare in a world that is literally dying for better answers